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11 October 12 October
Thailand Guitar Orchestra First Prize From Thailand International competition 2008
Alessandro Minci (Italy) Grigory Novikov (Russia)
Nutavut Ratanakarn and friends (Thailand) 
Manoon Ploypradub (Thailand) Danuchet Wisaijorn (Thailand)
Ruben Abel (Spain) Gabriel Bianco (France)


Alessandro Minci (Italy)

been born in Cassino in 1979 he begins very young to study the classical guitar with the M Luigi De Cesare showing from the beginnings notable musical dowries. However it has been fundamental the meeting with the M Massimo Delle Cese with which he has studied at the Conservatory of Music A. Casella in the Aquila’s town graduating himself with the maximum of marks.


He has played in important national demonstrations (Festival of musical interpretation city of Arpino, Festival of Villa Celiera, Cassino Guitar Festival, orchestra of guitars to the festival Mauro Giuliani directed by the M Leo Brower) is as a soloist that in “formazioni cameristiche” (Circolo Mandolinistico Costantino Bertucci, Millenium Guitar Duo) and since September 2005 he is member and founder of the TRIO RHAPSODY and in September of this year it is anticipated the exit of the first cd.


He has followed Master class with: Leo Brower, Costas Cotsiolis, Gabriel Guillen, Roberto Fabbri, Dale Kavanagh, Leonardo Gallucci, Eduardo Isaac, Pablo de la Cruz.

Since 2000 he is artistic manager of the “Festival chitarristico Note Classiche” (Festival chitarristico internazionale Citta di Cassino) and artistic manager of the “Concorso chitarristico internazionale Citta di Cassino”also.

Alessandro Minci is endorser GUITART for ANTONIO LORIENTE’s guitars


Nutavut Ratanakarn (Thailand)

An international classical guitarist in Thailand, Nutavut Ratanakarn has been giving concerts, and master classes in Austria, England, Italy, Japan, Korea, Liechtenstein, Russia and Thailand. He given concert , masterclass and jury member of many international guitar festival, including Moisycos International Guitar Festival (Italy),Kasetsart Guitar Festival, Bangkok International Guitar Festival and Thailand International Guitar Festival .He is currently the director of Bangkok International Guitar Festival, Thailand International Guitar Festival and president of Bangkok Guitar Society. He was a prize winner in Thailand International Guitar Competition 2003, Thailand Classical Guitar Competition1999 , and Thailand Yamaha Competition 1998 and1999. He has 4 records, "the Art of Spain" , "Guitar Recital", "The Rhythm of love" audio CD, and "Live concert inKorea" DVD Video by Alma Guitar.
He graduated with first-class honor from Kasetsart University majoring inClassical Guitar Performance. He also received diploma from "Ligita"(Liechtenstein) and "Wien 2004". He participated in master classes with Alvaro Pierri, Eduarado Fernandez, Costas Cotsiolis, Paulo Bellinati, PavelSteidl, Konrad Ragossnig, William Bower, Phillipe Villa, Jorgos Panetsos,Alessio Monti, Jury Clormann, Gareth Koch, Tomas Offermann, and Jozef Zsapka. He began his formal guitar lesson at 17. His principle teachers are Santi Sequerkawe,Tawee Maneecharuthat, Vidhaya Vosbein, Kamol Adshariyasart, and LeonKoudelak. In 2008 Benardo A.Aaron , Canada composer, dedicated piece "Butterfly in the meadow" and "Hungarian Dance" to him

Schonsehr beeindruckend und mit viel technischem ….." Verterland Post (2003)
" Sehr sicher und sensible …." Volks Blatt Post (2003)

" Young Virtuoso …." Siam Guitara (2003)

"A young progressive and highly talented musician . . ." Siam Guitara (2005)

" Breathtaking. He played such a difficult pieces with ease " Alma guitar societies member, Choondo Kim (2006)

“fantastic Talent player and interpret music” Bernardo A.Aaron ,Canada Composer


H.M.King Suite (H.M.KING)

Recurdos de la Alhambra (F.TARREGA)

Danza Brazilian (J.MOREL)

Russian Dance (S.RUDNEV)

Sonata in A, for Carlinet and Guitar (F.SHUBERT)

Bordel 1900, for Carlinet and Guitar (A.PIAZZOLLA)

Three Thai Traditional Song (THAI TRADITIONAL SONG)

Koyunbaba (C.DOMINICONI)

Manoon Ploypradub (Thailand)

Manoon was born on March 1, 1965 in Bangkok and is now teaching at Lanna music school and at the Music Department of Payap University Chiangmai. In his youth Ajarn Manoon studied Thai classical music and began to play the guitar at ate fourteen. He studied with ajarn Piya Intanin ; Panit Lapanun, Pongpong Tongtam, Duan Srisaad, Mr. Koizumi, etc. He passed Yamaha's highest teacher grade in 1992 and he received Certificate of Yamaha Grade examiner to conduct the Yamaha Teacher Grade from 2006 - 2011. Manoon used to study Jazz harmony and classic harmony with Ajarn Pratak Faisuphakan, Prasit Prayomyong and Bernard Sumner. He has attended seminars, guitar master - classes and a lot of activity connected with musical education with professors from abroad and Thailand. Manoon has given many recitals at AUA, CMU, CMIS, Payap University, Nakornsritammarat, Prajinbury, etc. In 2002, Manoon was elected "Most Accomplished - Teacher of Guitar" by the Yamaha music foundation, In Bangkok, and in 2006 he graduated master of communication arts. Ajarn Manoon Ploypradab has produced two album of his arrangements on cassette and CD, entitled "Thailand My Love", "Giving Freedom", "Power of the moutain (DoiSuthep)", and he is now producing his next album.


Choro da Suadade (A.BARRIOS MANGORE)

Sweet Words (H.M. KING) *

Oh I Say (H.M. KING) * **

Twilight (H.M. KING) **


Rose of Chiangmai (LANNA TRADITIONAL SONG) **

The Banana Eating Bat (THAI TRADITIONAL SONG) **

Etude no. 7, 10, 12 (H.VILLA-LOBOS)

Fandango and Passacaglia (JOAQUIN RODRIGO)

* arr. by Bernard Sumner , ** arr. by M.Ploypradab

Ruben Abel Pazos (Spain)

Born in 1982, he finishes his Superior Degree in guitar interpretation in Santiago de Compostela Conservatory in 2002 with distinction. He had lessons with Marco Socias, Alex Garrobe, Carles Trepat, Joaquin Clerch, Gerardo Arriaga, Eduardo Baranzano, Marco Smaili, Juan Carlos Rivera….and he also studied with Jose Luis Rodrigo, Ramon Carnota and Margarita Escarpa. He has been awarded in several guitar festivals and competitions: “International University Courses of Music in Compostela”, prize Andres Segovia- Juan Miguel Ruiz Morales (2004); “III International Guitar Competition Jose Tomas- Villa de Petrer”, second prize junior (2004); “XVII International Guitar Competition Cantabria”, first prize (2004); “62? Edition of the Musical Youth Permanent Competition ” of J.M. of Spain, second prize (2004); “VII International Guitar Competition Villa de Salou”, first prize (2004); “Music Competition Concello de Ortigueira”, second prize (2005); “IV International Guitar Competition Jose Tomas- Villa de Petrer”, second prize junior (2005);“XIII Internacional Guitar Competition “Admira Guitars”, first prize (2005); “IV Music Competition Concello de Gondomar”, first prize (2006); “I International Guitar Competition de Valle de Egues”, second prize (2006); “V Internacional Guitar Competition Jose Tomas Villa de Petrer”, first prize junior (2006); “V International Guitar Competition de Cesar Aira”(Leon), second prize (2007); “II Internacional Guitar Competition Valle de Egues”, second prize (2007); “VI Internacional Guitar Competition Villa de Aranda”, first prize (2007). He has been playing all over Spain: Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria, La Rioja, Andaluc?a, Islas Baleares, Valencia, Castilla y Leon, Madrid, Pa?s Vasco… He has been awarded by INJUVE(National Institute of Youth of Spain) as soloist being included in the classical tour of concerts in 2007. Also awarded by Segundo Gil De vila Foundation and Artist Performers Society of Spain (Ramirez award) with several scholarships, he has been studying Postgraduate of Guitar in Mozarteum University of Music and Dramatic Arts in Salzburg (Austria) with Eliot Fisk and Ricardo Gallan. In 2008, due to his first price in Villa de Aranda International Guitar Competition he’s been invited to play in several International Guitar Festivals in Morelia (Mexico), Lima (Peru),Villa de Aranda (Spain) and Ille de Re (France). He has been also invited to Magnitogorsk International Guitar Festival (Russia) and to Thailand International Guitar Festival(Thailand), for concert, master classes and also for being jury of both international guitar competitions. Consecuence of his first prize in V Internacional Moisycos Guitar Competition he is recently invited to play a tour of concerts in Italy, Japan, Thailand and Russia, playing in diferent International Guitar Festivals in those countries.


Cancion del Emperador (L. DE NARVAEZ)

Suite BWV 997 (J. S. BACH )

Tres piezas espanolas (J. RODRIGO)

Fantasia elegiaca Op.59 (F. SOR)

Fantasia sul motivi della Traviata (F. TARREGA)

Sonata (L. BROUWER)

Grigory Novikov (Russia)
Grigory Novikov was born 1979 in Kirov (Russia). He started to learn to play the guitar at the age of 16 with the professor Vera Tataurova in Kirov.

Between 1997- 2006 he was studying at the Music College in Kirov and N.Novgorod in guitar class of professor by Vladimir Mit’akov. Grigory continued his education in Conservatory in N.Novgorod (Russia). He took Master Classes and Stages with Carlo Marchione, Gabriel Guillen, Hugo Geller, Aniello Desiderio, Marcin Dylla, Philippe Villa and Alvaro Pierri. In his hometown he is a teacher in Music School for Talented Children, Kirov and Arzamas Music Colleges. Since 2006, he is working in team for the Kuznecov’s International Guitar Festival in Magnitogorsk (Russia).

He has played in a several important musical events, like International Guitar Festivals or Halls:Guitar Festival in ILe de Re (France), Russian Style (N.Novgorod, Russia), Fonsegrives and St.Marcel (France), Kuznecov's Guitar Festival in Magnitogorsk (Russia), Thai-German Cultural Foundation (Thailand), Perigord (France), International Festival of Chamber music (Germany), International Guitar Festivail in Cassino (Italy), Kirov's Museum of Art (Russia), International Guitar Festival in Bangkok (Thailand) and others places.

Grigory plays with guitar by Zbigniew Gnatek (Australia) model Cedar - Rio Brazilian Rose wood (summer 2008). Several composers have dedicated works to him: R.Falik (France) and S.Arbiol (France)


Fantasy Elegiac (F. SOR)

Romanze and Elegy (J.K.MERTZ)

5 Tangos (M.D.PUJOL)

Sonata Arpiana (B.SANCHEZ)

Danuchate Wisaijorn (Thailand)
Danuchate Wisaijorn began his guitar lesson when he was 10 under Mr. Kiattinpong Tangsakul in Ubon Rajathani.After one year of lessons, he started to play on his own and as he was interested in composing,he kept playing the guitar in order to play his own compositions. Danuchate is now studied in the faculty of Fine and applied arts Chulalongkorn University and he studies with Woratep Rattana-Umpawan and Buppawan Teerawanwilai.
He was a prize winner in many competitions such as Yamaha Guitar Festival 1997 , Yamaha Guitar Festival 1998, Yamaha Guitar Festival 1999, The national youth music competition,Texas Outstanding Performer 2003, University of Intellectual League(UIL) 2003,2005, Thailand International Guitar Competition 2006,Bangkok International Guitar Competition 2006.


Gabriel Bianco (France)

Gabriel BIANCO starts playing the guitar at 5 with his father. In 1997 he entered the CNR-CSP of Paris, under the direction of Ramon de Herrera. He went through it in 2005 with an unanimously first prize and congratulations. The same year, he received the highest rank in the entrance competition to the Superior National Conservatory in Paris (CNSMDP), where he studies with Olivier Chassain. In the same time, he takes courses with Judica?l Perroy.

Gabriel has many various musical activities (theater piece, creation of new contemporary works...), but his main one is to perform as a soloist in recital. He played his first concert in Paris when he was 15, and now he is invited to play in differents countrys (France, Italy, Autria, Cechz Republic, Hungary, Poland, Spain...). Gabriel has just recorded a DVD for the italian magazine "La Guitarra" and his first CD will be released in 2008.
Gabriel has already won severals prizes in internationals competitions in Europe among which :

- First prize : International Guitar Competition of Sernancelhe, Portugal - 2005
- First prize : International Guitar Competition of Ile de Re, France - 2006
- First prize : International Guitar Competition of Gitarre Forum Wien, Austria - 2006
- First prize : International Guitar Competition of Tychy ( Slaska Jesien Gitarowa ), Poland - 2006

- First prize :Guitar foundation of America International Competition(GFA), USA - 2008


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