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1, the right hand role.

The wonderful music is to rely on guitar performers guitar created the hands.
Through the guitar strings plucked make right happened vibration amplitude,
vibration direction changes, role after YuQinTi produced volume, sound quality, and meet the changes in the needs of music works.
So on the right-hand practice will emphasize too much.
Someone said "the left hand is technology, right hand is music", no matter whether appropriate, the right hand the metaphor plays in play the vital role is self-evident.

2, the characteristics of each finger right hand.

To understand the characteristics of each finger helps us to have the targeted fingers,
in order to improve the efficiency of training exercises.

Thumb: strong and can emit massiness voice, but flexibility is poorer.

Index: compare weak, slender, voices relatively thin, but the pronunciation sensitive
and easy to control.

Middle finger: relatively strong, flexible, is the ideal finger.

Ring finger: very difficult to control fingers, lack of flexibility, but gentle voice that produces a relatively.

Little thumb: difficult to control and weak.

3, right hand hand type.

Unable to separate fan-shaped right, natural prolapse, then the other fingers except the thumb to palm, a natural curl polypoid, then the whole half grip move to sound holes strings of above, finally near thumb and forefinger and middle finger and ring finger fingertips were in five strings, 3 string, 2 string, 1 strings, the thumb on sound holes partial below the position, pinky natural prolapse, the right arm around on the harp yards and side panel cross position, and make some fine-tuning according to the actual situation. 5 and thumb about a 40 degrees of strings, other fingers and string angle is the Angle about 60 degrees; Wrist, but not a uplift more never concave convex, to ensure the thumb and fingers. Don't interact plucked

4, right hand nails.

Nails shape: in order to achieve transparent abound change of voice,
modern guitar players play. Mostly use nails The shape and length and nails, since each performer shaping the physiological conditions and plucked different ways, it's a very highly personalized thing, united very hard to a mode can be temporarily came first, suggest nails with finger up similar arc shape, while in length when fingertips advisable, a prominent the key is to combine the his right hand plucked method and shape for fine-tuning, never imitates others blindly nails shape.

The nail nails polished: more classical guitar performers polished every day to do
(if you leave nails words).
Advice before practice and exercise will listen to their own voices, at any time burnish his fingernails. If you are a beginner, or because their own fingernails thin and very easy craze, can not only with finger nails plucked, through good meat meat, use only refers to practice can achieve pure and downy play the sound.

5, the right hand plucked method.

The right hand can be divided into four movements plucked.
Touch the strings: this is the first stage -- prepare plucked. First turn on the right hand each finger were in strings, adjust the basic shape of the hand, from the perspective of performer can do the fingers, refers to the meat and plucked string point of contact as near the nails; To play in the distance the position of strings very close touch "strings" gently, avoid to play string effect.
Pressure string, stretched string: this is -- begin the second stage of the actor.
Pressure string refers to the finger touch the strings using finger weight and slight pressure to panel direction gently press the strings.
Stretched string refers to "bite" live string has certain displacement, equivalent to archer bend the bow process.
Stretched string range, Angle and speed will be a significant impact of voice,
can much practice this different amplitude, Angle and speed brought by the stretch the voice of strings of change.

Put the string: this is the third stage actor - end.
Put the guitar string is like after the archers finish pull bow in the movement, put an arrow through the above process of touch pressure stretched after the contact point fingers and string by the left move to slant intermediate position nails put string points. Put the string Angle and speed will affect the volume and the tone and the sounds, the so-called clean degrees by string is due to the change of string Angle put produced a plucked results just.
The four movements in the actual playing is a complete system, are separate said it was to experience this process. Specific practice can be separately experience, then through practice gradually formed a knee-jerk whole movement.

6, send force of right hand.

The right hand to show from the place of root tip means respectively called first joints, the second joints and third joints.
Some say the correct sends force should be part of the first joint with finger to send force, also someone says to want to send force with the second joints when, in fact,
the right hand in every joint are plucked the participation of more or less send force,
but in practice, we can first joint or second joints send force primarily to train a foundation of tone, and then gradually including wrist, send force each joint exercises, and get a different sound, which according to actual needs to practical music works. Had better not have "a method is correct, the other is wrong" rigid concept.

7, the right hand of each finger based training.

Provide a few exercises for reference:

(1), point to each basic exercises: independence index and middle finger, thumb and little finger ring finger, respectively, in 5 string to 1 strings, other fingers move not, and cannot influence plucked fingers, behind her thumb continuous dial string until after may put back five strings fatigue;
Use the same method respectively, especially the practice other fingers little finger ring finger and more will focus on practice.

(2), round sweep practice: borrow flamenco guitar playing method, undertake round in turn will improve our practice esau the finger ability. A first start practicing of each finger can separate practice, then according to the normal order practice round sweep. This article in each took practice can practice a few minutes when the guitar, and then to reset good string practice other content.

(3), Carl Kathy each tone GeWeiYa based scales practice and plug in practicing chromatic practice: to focus on practice ia, ai, ma, am etc fingering.
Particularly for Carl Kathy each adjustable basic exercises, we can easily in a hurry after practice can't wait of practice, and ignored other contents from this exercise should get things.

(4), Mr Giuliani broken chord practice: in familiar with basic can be arbitrary after fingering mix fingering practice, in order to avoid the long-term use of a fixed fingering bring physiological inertia, conscious strengthen control power of brain fingers and reduce "automatic" produce negative influence.

(5), wheel refers to exercise: actually pass above practice, plus some targeted the tremolo training, good abilities could be the tremolo formality things, but should emphasize is same, the wheels refers to practice must insist "avoid inertia of the principle of" don't play on a long-term, to the conscious practice fingering on the change of training, this means to achieve the tremolo music are clear, and uniform particles of fluent effect.
To explain, above each content can be launched into a long project,
but for the time being, plus there has been a lot about the introduction,
and because the right hand the complexity and individual differences play right hand, will cause the different, so in playing must according to own actual situation to progressively establish right to play system, here are just right hand do some supplementary and general instructions, if for some friends to play some help, then charmed!


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