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TitleWhen i visit to workroom2007-09-23 17:35

Special thanks to Mr. Kim for opening his home and workshop to me and my wife recently.
I was reluctant to meet him because he has many admirers (4,400 registered users)
but my wife convinced me to do so since we would be in Korea visiting relatives. 

I am an amateur guitar builder now working on my second classical guitar and have an enjoyable career as an engineer (project manager) in Wichita Kansas USA.

Since most people visiting the website have not experienced an Alma guitar in person before, I thought I would share my impressions. 
The model I tried was the Master Double Top with German Spruce & Brazilian Rosewood. 
When I first tried to play the guitar I was so scared I could barely find the strings.  Certainly Mr. Kim has seen many fine performers in his time! 
After a bit I settled down and I was able to play the guitar.
My ability is poor but my right hand technique is good enough to tell that this guitar sounds phenomenal.  Very clear, complex and alluring. 

The craftsmanship was unbelievable.  Flawless construction. 
Built to bring out the aesthetics of the wood in a way I have never seen before. 
His rosette complements the guitar in a very tasteful way. 
The semi-gloss finish was striking and much more appealing than a typical high gloss nitrocellulose finish.  Overall, a highly compelling guitar!

He openly discussed his construction methods and showed an interest in my guitar building endeavors.
I certainly learned a few things during my visit but I most enjoyed the hospitality of Mr. Kim and his wife. 
They are truly remarkable people.

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