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Ancient Cypress Wood (39,050 years old)

$14,000 라고 하네요..

이베이 에서 퍼왔습니다.




  One ancient cypress log, carbon dated by the University of Georgia with corrective date of 39,050 years. Excellent condition. Cut into a post approximately 11"x10"x17'(approximately 160 board feet). Extremely rare and beautiful. Excellent for wood sculptures, furnitures, moulding, and art work. Carbon date report included to verify authenticity. Identified by USDA Forestry Products Laboratory as Taxodium cf distichum. Customer must pay by money order, cashiers check or certified funds. Customer is also responsible for shipping costs. Smaller pieces available. Price negotiable. Contact
On Mon Jul 21 07:49:40 PDT 2003, seller added the following information:
Similar wood (32,000 years old) was used by Spector Basses to make a bass guitar that sold for over $20,000. It is estimated that the base

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