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11Hi Kim (From Brazil) img2016-07-15522
10Hello Kim! (From Russia)2012-08-311259
18I bought another lovely guitar from him (From Japan)2012-08-312579
9나의 8현 기타... img2012-05-262119
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7From San Juan, Puerto Rico2008-08-223125
6I got it ^^ (from America)2008-02-293300
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17About my Alma Guitar (from Italy) [5] img2007-07-125319
16From Chen Zhi, Beijing (중국 중앙음악학원 교수) img2007-06-043945
15Alma has a beautiful sound. (From Thailand) [1]2007-04-303854
3새로운 기타 "La Folia"2007-04-304556
14It is so lovely (From UK) [4]2007-04-303871
13Your guitar is beautiful (From Japan)2007-04-302974
12No Luthier is building in Europe like you (From Albania)2007-04-302909
2Received the guitar [2]2007-04-043409