Titlesuccess in Hungary for the Alma guitar!2009-07-07 17:30

Hi Kim and greatings to all the Alma Guitar's community!

Between the 20th and 28th of June I was in Balatonfured, a beautifull place on the Balaton lake for the 4th. International Guitar Festival. Unfortunatly the time was rainy and my concert on the open stage was moved two days later (and there was only 50 person, windy time :(..
Many people were impressed by my Alma double-top guitar. Expecially Thomas Muller-Pering (who plays a Dammann guitar) gave a lot of compliments for the guitar (..and my playng :)) He said that the mine is an exellent instrument, powerfull and so.. and asked me informations about the luthier.. (I have a video of these moments).
For pepole who didn't know that,Thomas Muller-Pering is one of the most important concertist and teacher (Weimar) of our days in Germany.
Another important think is that I gave my CD (Classical Guitar Jewels, recorded with Alma) to the most important teacher and players in Hungary (Jozsef Eotvos, Sandor Silvagyi an Ede Roth) and to Thomas Muller-Pering, Zoran Dukic and Giampaolo Bandini.
Naturally I have done that to promote myself but I thing indirectly I have promoted Kim Hee Hong too.

see you, Daniele

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