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TitleAlmaGuitar Contest by Recording2004-01-29 02:10

 AlmaGuitar     Competition    (Recording).


            1st Prize :  Almaguitar Standard model (about 2000$)

               2nd Prize:  400$(cash)                                           

               3rd  Prize:  Guitar string (D'addario J-46. 30sets)    

? You must produce a live unedited recording of yourself playing the guitar.

@  The recording must include the compulsory pieces,

       "1>  M.Carcassi Op.59 Etude No.44 Cancion Italiana (no repeat)

       2>  H.Villa Lobos Etude No.1"

@  For participation : VOD CD - wmv files only (avi, ra, mpg.. are not approved)

                                Or  Video Tape (6 mm)

@   Application fee is 25$ (U.S)  (send with CD/VIDEO)

@   Disqualification : Not be played Video / wmv file

                          Not be payed Application fee

                          And mixing files or video

                          (noise reduction, reverb, echo, volume up etc.)

@    Jurors :  Kim hee hong ( almaguitar maker )

                    Professor Kim yong dae

                    Professor Na yung soo

@    Standards of judgement :  1.Completion  2.Musicianship  3.Talent

@     Need not any qualification. (age limit, nationality....)

@    After received, we will send conformation by E-mail.

        After judging, we will send result mail.

@    Deadline : 2004' 4. 30 (reached)

@    Judging/Awarding Day : 2004' 5. 5 ~ 5. 10

@    Address : 467-841 Sindoon-myun  Gochuk2-ri 436 Almaguitar

                Icheon ,Kuyng-Gee-Do, South KOREA.

If you have any question, Use Freeborad in www.almaguitar.com

           or send  E-mail alma@almaguitar.com

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