Wang Yameng & Su Meng's Live  R.Gnatali~ Suite Retartos- 2nd mov.
Played by Kim Hee Hong S.L.Weiss ~Passacaglia 중에서
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작성자Tomomi Kohno 작성일2012-08-31 01:48:20 조회수3065
I have Alma guitar as a prize in Asia International Guitar Competition of 2008 that I met Mr. Kim Hee Hong at first.
He contacted me afterwards when I was invited the festival in Korea.
And I bought another lovely guitar from him.

Mr. Kim is very pure, delicate and is the person who always makes an effort hard.
I think that both a musical instrument and a sound show the personality.
On the coattails of Mr. Kim, I was able to close to Korean people.
Mr. Kim does not speak ill of another person.
I hope that his wonderful guitar is understood by Korean and all of the wolrd people more. And I would like to grow up with this guitar together so that I can become a good musician.
All of you in Korea, I am really looking forward to see you.

Thank you and best wishes for you.

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