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글제목   Vladimir Mityakov
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Instrument / 2011 Master Double top(MD) - Spruce & Madagascar rosewood

Vladimir Mityakov was born in 1964 in the city of Gorkiy (Nizhny Novgorod) in Russia.

He started his guitar lessons first as electric guitar player but ended as pianist in the state music school in Gorkiy city.

Before his meeting with Alexandr Frauchi in 1986 he played several years on classic guitar, but Frauchi discovered in young man good potential, and factually drives Vladimir’s life in music way. Vladimir graduated like guitarist Glinka Conservatorium in N.Novgorod in 1991.Frauchi recommended candidature of Vladimir to open guitar class in this conservatorium, and last17 years Vladimir works there. Now he is professor in Glinka Conservatorium , lot of his students are winners of different competitions.

Vladimir Mityakov is also well known guitar player. He won several international competitions: in Krakov 1991, in Barcelona at Maria Luisa Anido competition in 1995, in Tokio 1998 .Vladimir plays lots of concerts in Russia as well as Japan, France, Italy, USA. During the last 3 years he is performing in guitar duo with Irina Chernogorova, they recorded 2 CDs. Also Vladimir has recorded 5 solo CDs.

Vladimir Mityakov is art-director of regular guitar international festival and competition in N.Novgorod.
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