Wang Yameng & Su Meng's Live  R.Gnatali~ Suite Retartos- 2nd mov.
Played by Kim Hee Hong S.L.Weiss ~Passacaglia 중에서
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글제목   The 30th Anniversary 3 guitars
작성자Hee Hong Kim 작성일2018-06-21 09:44:47 조회수339
Receive an order Three ALMA guitar "30th Anniversary model" -- $10.000
I guarantee to my best of best my last master pieces in my guitar making life
( I will make 3 guitars only.. Engaged 2 guitars.. Remains only 1 guitar )

1. 300 years old dried Brazilian rosewood best 3 sets from I saved

2. Diamonds positioning marks (Include certificate)

3. White gold or 18K Gold made 20 fret

4. GEWA case from Germany

5. Baljak tuners from Croatia

6. Special wood carving design.. coming soon

7. Writing owners name on the label

8. Processing 6 months

9. Owner can select one from Double top. Lattice. Traditional. La Folia style

10. French polish

Details -> https://www.facebook.com/heehong.kim.3
hollebi It looks really fantastic. 2018-06-22 21:05
Kim Thank you ~~~ 2018-06-22 22:45
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