Wang Yameng & Su Meng's Live  R.Gnatali~ Suite Retartos- 2nd mov.
Played by Kim Hee Hong S.L.Weiss ~Passacaglia 중에서
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작성자Daniele Lazzari 작성일2016-07-18 19:45:34 조회수938
Hello everybody!
From some days it is available my new piece 'Tre Preludi Elegiaci', dedicated to renowned Spanish guitarist Margarita Escarpa.
On the same webpage it's possible to download other previously published partitures.
DOWNLOAD : Just click on the thumbnail images!
Although the pieces are given for free, it is possible to make a small donation to support my work.
Thank you!

Daniele Lazzari
김희홍 good 2016-07-26 12:33
   VIDEO - S.L. Weiss: Allemande, Sonata 34 (Daniele Lazzari, guitar)
   VIDEO - J.S. BACH: Sarabande / Partita BWV 1002 (Daniele Lazzari, guitar)
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