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글제목   VIDEO - Antonio Lauro: Natalia, Vals Venezolano (Daniele Lazzari, guitar)
작성자Daniele Lazzari 작성일2016-06-06 00:14:26 조회수832
Antonio Lauro (Ciudad Bolívar, 1917 – Caracas, 1986) was one of the best known composers of the genre in Venezuela. His father was an italian immigrant (from Pizzo Calabro) who could sing and play the guitar.  Lauro reached his formal musical studies (piano, composition) at the Academia de Música y Declamación, where the composer Vicente Emilio Sojo (1887–1974) was one of his teachers. He was himself an accomplished guitarist and master of the instrument.
"Natalia" is also known with the name of "Vals Criollo".
This video was recorded today. Thanks for watching!


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